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Wednesday 3rd December - Benenden

I think the best way to describe today’s weather is ‘miserable’! Isn’t it strange though, when you ‘re out enjoying yourself, the rain soaking into your clothes, feet saturated from having to walk through puddled gateways, doesn’t seem to matter. When hounds are in full cry, they steal all your focus and that is how it was today; the weather didn’t matter.
There were a good number of people at the meet and the Field was a reasonable size, given it was a Wednesday. Not too many Foot-Followers ventured out into the muddy arable and woodlands. Those that did enjoyed the day despite the added weight of the heavy Kent clay hitching a ride on their boots. The normal banter occupied time when hounds were quiet.
Hounds owned the line of several trails and gave it their all on each occasion, running them until the conclusion. Trails are laid throughout the day and vary in length depending on terrain. Sometimes hounds follow them through to the end and other times they lose them for whatever reason.
Today's country had bands of woodland bordering arable land. Hunt staff were kept busy and there were delays in keeping up with hounds because of having to constantly ride the headlands.
The day was finished in the forest with hounds still singing well, their cries echoing through the trees. It was a small, wet band of people that followed them back to the hound lorry where they nestled in the straw for the journey home.
The weary few tended horses before partaking in refreshments provided generously by Mrs B, to whom we are all extremely grateful, as we are to the Farmers and Landowners who graciously allowed us to hunt their land.

Goodnight.  Pictures to follow soon.

Hunt Notices

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The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt 2015 Calendar is now available by post using the order form which can be downloaded here. They will also be available from Hartley Dyke Farm Shop next to Charity Farm Countrystore, Cranbrook.

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It is requested that followers do not bring their dogs to 'Hunt Meets or follow hounds' with them without seeking prior permission from a Master. This is to help reduce the risk of 'Kennel Cough' with its disastrous affects  infiltrating the pack. Thank You.
Hunt Lottery

As with many Hunts, fundraising is important to The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt and one way in which vital funds are raised is through the Hunt's very own LOTTERY, THE 200 CLUB. For a £10 stake, you too can become a member. Either download the application form here, or speak to Sue Palmer at our meets. Draws are held regularly at Hunt Meets

Egerton Meet

For our recent Saturday meet we hunted  in the Egerton Area. The Meet was hosted by the Hunt Supporters Club known as 'The Tally-Ho Club'. It was well attended by both Mounted and Foot-Followers.

Hounds ran hard and sung their hearts out from the off as they followed the winding trails laid for them earlier in the day. Trails are laid through arable, pasture and woodland to make things as authentic as possible. A wonderful sight as Hounds raced across grassland, through hedges, urging each other on as they owned the line in full cry. The music hunting enthusiasts love to hear, the sight they love to see.

The Ashford valley Tickham Hunt are extremely grateful to To the Tally-Ho -Club for providing refreshments at the meet and to the Farmers and Land Owners whose land was made available for the day.

Click here for more pictures taken throughout the day.

The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt
Meet at Doddington Place.

Over forty five riders and a large number of Foot-Followers met at Doddington Place
 by  kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Richard Oldfield

more pictures

Read comments and see more pictures on
The Ashford Valley Tickham Facebook Page.

Our gratitude also goes to the Farmers and Land Owners who allow us to hunt on their land

See who need 'Glue' in the saddle and has joined the
2014-2015 Fallers Club

Sheppey Meet

Wet, muddy, tired, but very happy hounds enjoyed the pleasures of the open expanses of marshland on The Isle of Sheppey. Somewhat different to the usual hedged and undulating fields on the mainland. The flat lands proved idyllic for those that followed, giving good views of hound in full cry. Although wet under foot, the weather was kind and the sun watched from above as hounds followed the many trails laid across wet marshes.

Hard but rutted tracks afforded foot followers the chance to keep up with hound, albeit, they were in a convoy of 4x4s, with some experiencing a somewhat bumpy ride on the tailboard of a pick-up.

The mounted Field consisted of members of our own Hunt and visitors from The Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt and The East Kent with West Street Hunt. This was not an arranged joint meet but riders visiting for the day and they are always welcome. The Field was led by our Lady Master riding the well-known ‘Wendy Raptor’ who often writes her own version of the happenings at a meet. There were no jumps, just a steady pace for the most time as the Field stayed close enough to see hounds without hindering the Huntsman.

The trails took hounds through green fields of rape, woodland and the occasional farm yard. Hounds sang their hearts out as they owned the line, stringing out behind the lead hound, trusting it was taking them to where they should be.

As the sun went its own way and darkness began to creep in, it was back to the farm building where the day had begun. Hounds and horses boxed, it was time for beverages, sausages rolls and a selection of chocolate biscuits. Thus ended a thoroughly enjoyable day, with good company and memories stored.


more pictures
Hounds Off To The First Draw At Colliers Street
The meet was held in a farmyard which until recently was surrounded by ‘Hop Gardens’! Once upon a time Kent was a haven of Hop Gardens, now sadly more and more are disappearing due the economics of farming today. Most Hop Gardens have been stripped of their wirework and hop poles and are cultivated and sown with arable crops such as corn or rape.

After refreshments provided by Hunt Members, the Mounted Field and Foot-followers set off to the first draw. Although there were not as many Mounted Followers as at other times, this was not a bad thing, given that there had been recent heavy rains making conditions slightly muddy. Amongst the riders were visitors from neighbouring Hunts who are always welcome.

Numerous trails were laid throughout the day and Hounds entertained their audience well with one trail lasting for approximately 4 miles keeping Hounds busy. Their cries being heard and with their noses down, Hounds were witnessed by intense onlookers enjoying the spectacle. Trails are usually laid by Hunt Staff and can cover any distance and terrain.

The hunted country was very fragmented because of ownership by multiple Landowners; some not allowing the Hunt on their property for various reasons. This did not keep seasoned followers from navigating the windy lanes to keep up with proceedings. The Hunt is always extremely grateful to the many Farmers and Landowners whose generosity allows them to cross their land. Without their support hunts cannot exist.

The day was good with Hounds working extremely hard as did Hunt Staff who kept the pack together despite distance between draws. A good percentage of the Field stayed the course of the day and followed Hounds back to the boxes. Refreshments were provided by the Hunt’s hard working Hon. Secretary and those remaining discussed the day with the usual banter before setting off home.

Click here to see pictures of the day taken by Followers


1995 DAF 7.5 Ton Lorry
£5500 ono Tel:07532246456

           Hounds at the meet on the Village Green in High Halden

Hounds met on the village green in High Halden. The pageant was witnessed by  three coaches full of tourists travelling through the County. The coaches stopped to allow the foreign visitors to take pictures of this typically English scene, much to the amusement of onlookers and the delight of our Huntsman. 

It was not one of the best days but the rain stayed away and folk were in good spirit. On these occasions, it is a chance to chat to friends who you may see each week but never really have a chance to talk to properly.

Hunting is not just about hunting; for some it may be the only chance they have to socialise with likeminded people. Stories are told and ‘ribbing’ is a common pastime while waiting for hounds to sing and the moment they do, silence prevails. Out in the beautiful Kent countryside, fresh air, good company and the occasional song from hounds; what more do you want.
Riders Enjoying A Day Hunting in The Bethersden Area.
(Brief report and more pictures)


Neil Staines And His Hounds At The Opening Meet
On Saturday 25th 2014 The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt held its traditional Opening Meet in the beautiful Kent countryside near Maidstone. Opening Meets are always very popular with the countryside community and this meet was no exception.

The Mounted Field consisted of over fifty riders of all ages riding horses and ponies of different sizes. There was a large audience of family members and friends too, that had gathered to watch the pageant that has been carried out for decades; a pageant that during the next few weeks will be carried out by hunts all over the country!
The weather was kind and stayed dry but unfortunately the ground was slippery from the previous day’s rain raising caution for the riders.

After the refreshments to fortify everyone for the day, the riders and foot-followers set off to a suitable vantage point on a hill above the orchards while Huntsman Neil Staines led his 18 ½ couple mixed pack to the first draw. Several trails were laid throughout the day and hounds responded well to them with their cries filling the air to the delight of all that observed.

For some riders, their day was short lived due to the loss of shoes or failure to stay in the saddle. There were still a healthy number of riders that stayed the course and ended the day with the Huntsman ‘blowing for home’.
The field were given the choice of following a Field Master who would lead them over the many varieties of jumps, natural and manmade, or take the more leisurely rood with few obstacles to endure.

The riders were able to ride through orchards; woodland and open fields experiencing the beauty of our Kent countryside with the challenge of a narrow concrete bridge, crossing the meandering river.
After several hours of following the hard working hounds, the horn was blown to signal the end of an excellent day which was enjoyed by those mounted and on foot. Hounds were taken back to their box for the journey back to kennels where meat pies were waiting to replenish the energy they had used throughout their arduous day. After feeding his hounds and settling them down for the night, no doubt our Huntsman, too, looked forward to his evening meal and well deserved rest.

Horses were watered and washed off before being loaded for their journey home and a fulfilling feed.

A huge “Thank You” must be given to our hosts and to the Farmers and Landowners whose generosity allows those who follow hounds to cross their land and continue to enjoy a country pursuit that is part of our heritage.  "Thank You Neil."

More pictures of the Opening Meet here    
Read more comments and see more pictures on The Ashford Valley Tickham Facebook Page      
Pictures of the opening meet can be seen @   http://www.louisebrucephotography.co.uk/
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Newcomers Experience The Pleasures of Following Hounds

A timeless scene! Hunting has changed very little over the centuries. The picture on the left was taken by a follower during our recent 'Newcomers Meet'.
The meet was a chance for those who had never hunted before or wished to reacquaint themselves with the joys of following hounds to do so.
Visitors are always welcome to follow the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt, either as part of the mounted field or as a foot-follower.
It is requested that visitors wishing to hunt inform the Hon. Secretary before attending a meet. Contact details

Some of the Field Enjoying The Newcomer's Day. more pictures
The Ashford Valley Tickham Tally-Ho Club is Our Supporters Club. More details can be found here.
A Happy bunch during a days hunting
Read the many more comments and see the videos on The Ashford Valley Tickham Facebook Page.

The Annual Ashford Valley Tickham Hunter Trials

By Kind Permission of the Pascall Family
 The Annual Ashford Valley Tickham Hunter Trials is one of several equestrian events organised by hunt members. This year’s event drew a record entry of over 160 riders of all ages and riding ability. Many riders competed in several classes. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place and were generously donated by sponsors.( Link to Sponsors)
A competitor jumping a model of a traditional Kent Oast House at Bonfleur Cross Country Course. more pictures
For more comments on the days event see our Facebook Page

The Weald of Kent Ploughing Match

 The Ashford Valley Hunt was once again privileged to parade hounds at the annual Weald of Kent Ploughing Match which this year attracted a record attendance of over 4,000 visitors. This event gives the hunt the opportunity to meet and talk to the Farmers and Landowners who generously allow us to cross their land. It is also a chance to meet some of our sponsors while the public make the most of meeting hounds. The AVTH  has a stand at the event where potential members can have any of their questions answered. Hunt merchandise is also sold. more pictures

Find out more about The Weald of Kent Ploughing Association  wwwkpma.co.uk

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Cross Country Ride

Riders Enjoying The Day at Doddington
 The Annual Ashford Valley Tickham Cross Country Ride Held on the 14th September at Doddington was a great success.
Such rides afford riders to have fun while raising funds for worthy charities. This is only possible because of the hard work and dedication of members of the hunt who give their time generously.
Gratitude must also be given to the Farmers and Landowners who allow riders to cross their land. Beneficiaries of the event were: AVTH, Canterbury Cathedral Trust and The Kent Air Ambulance.
Fund raising for local charities as well as hunt funds is an integral part of the hunt ethos with one of the prominent charities being The Kent Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance literally being a vital medical aid in the equestrian world.
 For Pictures of the day: www.greenninja.co.uk and to find out more about Doddington Place: www.doddingtonplacegardens.co.uk    Doddington Album
The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt Support Local Charities Which Include:
Kent Air Ambulance Trust:
Team Tutsham: www.teamtutsham.co.uk
Canterbury Cathedral Trust: www.canterbury-cathedral.org


Our Inter-Hunt Relay Teams: Top: Kirsty, Kif, Becky Kylie.
Bottom: Ellie, Edie, Dan, (Hiding) Abbie.
The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt Stand at The Kent County Show
The Cavalcade of Hounds

TheThe Ashford Valley Tickham Inter-Hunt Relay Team who competed at The South of England Show at Ardingly. From left to right: Dan, Abbie,  Kirsty,and Edie.

Click For Pictures of The South of England Hound Show Ardingly By Sarah Farnsworth

Satnav and Sombre meet the kids


AVTH Sat Nav & Sombre greeting some of the 2.5 thousand primary school children that attended Living Land at the Kent Showground at Delting which was held on 7th May. A excellent opportunity for children to meet the hounds and see just how friendly they are.