Leaving The Meet

The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt is based in Kent. Hounds are modern foxhounds with old English outcross. Hunting is twice weekly and the hunt is extremely grateful to the farmers and landowners who allow the hunt to cross their land.

The pack is a subscription pack which is funded entirely by members’ subscriptions and fund raising. Members come from all walks of life and the common interest is a great leveller. The members of the hunt, wearing yellow collars and scarlet coats have earned their ‘hunt buttons’ through service to the hunt over a considerable time. Ordinary members will have three buttons on their coats and Masters will have four buttons. Hunt staff also wear scarlet and will carry a white hunting whip and will have five buttons on their coats. At present there is one Master who has been appointed to oversee all aspects of the hunt.

The traditional time for a hunt meet is 11am and it is held either at a public house, a private residence or a farmyard. After light refreshments and the traditional stirrup cup, the hunt will set off to the first draw of the day where hounds are ‘cast’ to find the scent of the trail which is laid earlier in the day. The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt hunts within the law and trails are laid throughout the day, either by rider or quadbike by dragging a scented rag.

Not all followers of the hunt follow on horseback. Many follow on foot or in cars. New members are always welcome. The hunt holds several fundraising events throughout the year with dates and times being shown on our events page. Other pages explain the history and traditions of our hunt and about our hounds.