AVTH Contacts

For General Enquiries, Please Contact:

Hon. Secretary, Christina Back: 07759019506

By Email: christina.back@ashfordvalleyhunt.co.uk

For all website enquiries, Please email: website@ashfordvalleyhunt.co.uk

For all enquires regarding Hunt Merchandise and orders please contact:
Or call/text 07577312993


If you wish to  hunt with the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt, please inform the Hon. Secretary Mrs. Christina Back: Mobile  07759019506 or By Email: christina.back@ashfordvalleyhunt.co.uk  before the meet you wish to attend.

For Fundraising enquiries, including stands for Point to Point:

SUE PALMER: Home 01233 756 686 or e-mail  sjpalmer14@aol.com

Pony Club


Pony Club Information