The Field


The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt welcome visitors to follow hounds on hunting days, either mounted or as a foot-follower. If you wish to attend a meet, please inform the Hon. Secretary, Mrs Annette Bardsley, in advance to confirm meet locations, cap etc. Her contact details are as follows:



The AVTH do have contacts for hirelings and details may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary.


The AVTH do have ‘newcomers meets’ which are tailored to give novices the chance to experience following hounds for the day. Jumping is optional and riders are guided throughout the day by experienced members of the hunt. Dress code is smart and practical. The dates of these meets will be advertised, or can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary and any queries may be addressed to her.


Etiquette is very important when hunting. It not only shows good manners but can be related to health and safety when hunting. Read more in the ‘Etiquette’ section of this website.


Understanding the language of hunting makes the day more interesting and makes the sometimes strange vocabulary more understandable. Learn more in the ‘Terminology’ section of this website.