Fallers Club

The ‘Faller’s Club’ is purely a light hearted way to raise funds for the Hunt. Those that unfortunately part company with their mount while Hunting pay a fine each time they fall. It is not a reflection of the equestrian skills of the riders as ‘un-predicted dismounts’ can happen to anyone.

We rely on your honesty to tell us if we have missed you or anyone else from the list! The fine for each fall is  £5.00, payable to Vanessa.

Fallers for the 2017 – 2018 Season

First PlaceMark BGBlacketts
Grafty Green
Torry Hill
1st November
18th November
2nd December
17th January
Harry the horses decided to wave and Mark lost his balance!
Has a habit of falling on home turf
Went airbourne TWICE at the same fence but from different directions!
And Again!
Making sure he keeps the lead!
Joint Second PlaceOlivia GBonfleur-Opening Meet14th OctoberThree falls at one meet! Maybe she should have gone on foot! £15.00
Joint Second PlaceSeb MShadoxhurst
4th November
25th November
20th December
Trevor decided to roll in the muddiest puddle ever!
Too Busy daydreaming and horse was spooked!
Horse reared!
Joint Third PlaceNicky BGConyer
7th October
28th October
Didn't want to be left out and decided to join her husband in the club!
Decided to confirm her membership to the Faller's Club!
Joint Third PlaceGeorge PBethersden

8th November

22nd November
Failed to leave the ground when a jump was in their path resulting in a crashing fall.
Got on one side and fell off the other!

Joint Third PlaceChris SBonfleur-Opening Meet
14th October

1st November

Joint Third PlaceCloe GBethersden8th NovemberCame off twice at the same jump and never succeeded in getting over!£10.00
Joint Third PlaceNeil SGrafty Green
18th November
9th December
"Bucked off!"
Off again!
Joint Third PlaceCharlotte MBBethersden
8th November
3rd January
Horizontal dismount when Jeffery fell when getting caught in wire.
Bottomed out in the marshes.
Freddie JPWidehurst23rd SeptemberHorse reared and fell over!£5.00Paid
Stacey CWidehurst23rd SeptemberTook the side exit after jumping onto the road!£5.00Paid
Hope RBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Becky WBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Maisie RBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Jeremy GHawkhurst21st OctoberFell in the ditch.£5.00Paid
Dinah SHawkhurst21st OctoberHorse (or Dinah) decided to roll in the wet mud!£5.00
Rosemary SMarden25th OctoberFlick decided to send Rosemary first over the log onto the road.£5.00
Kylie MBBethersden8th NovemberUnceremoniously dumped into a hairy bush £5.00
Julie HGrafty Green18th NovemberDislodged by an abrupt halt.£5.00Paid
Maisie VGrafty Green18th NovemberMaisie jumped but Boots didn't.£5.00Paid
Kerry DSouthernden16th DecemberNo Details£5.00
Amy TMarden20th DecemberHorse stopped and Amy Didn't!£5.00
Henry CMarden20th DecemberFell having a closer look at a ditch in front of a hedge£5.00
Olivia JPMarden20th DecemberOnly the front end of the horse jumped£5.00
LaraMarden20th DecemberSlipped in the midnight steeplechase£5.00
James RBoxing Day26th DecemberFell Backwards into ditch.£5.00
Oli PTonge3rd JanuaryOne lucky escape earlier in the day but his card was marked later on!£5.00
Annie BTonge3rd JanuarySlipped.£5.00