Fallers Club

The ‘Faller’s Club’ is purely a light hearted way to raise funds for the Hunt. Those that unfortunately part company with their mount while Hunting pay a fine each time they fall. It is not a reflection of the equestrian skills of the riders as ‘un-predicted dismounts’ can happen to anyone.

We rely on your honesty to tell us if we have missed you or anyone else from the list! The fine for each fall is  £5.00, payable to Vanessa.

Fallers for the 2018 – 2019 Season

DateNameNature of FallPlacingFine
Kiff TTried to hide his fall!1st£5.00
22/11/2018Oli PVictim of a ditch2nd£5.00
22/11/2018Taylor HVictim of a ditch2nd£5.00
20/11/2018John SJohn was braver than his horse who declined the gate.2nd£5.00
09/11/2018?A visitor from Somerset came all the way to Kent to taste the dirt2nd£5.00
31/10/2018Nicky BAir jacket canister must be on her Christmas list! 2nd£5.00
31/10/2018Anna CSwapped her mount for an ambulance 🙁 2nd£5.00
26/10/2018Julie HSuffice to say that Boris was a Very, Very naughty boy2nd£5.00
04/10/2018Charlotte MBJoined the club! 2nd£5.00
Gary PGary Jumped but Darius made a very unsuccessful atempt to go through the sheep wire. 2nd£5.00
29/09/2018William BFirst time out and already contributing to the Fallers Club.2nd£5.00