Fallers Club

The ‘Faller’s Club’ is purely a light hearted way to raise vital funds for the Hunt. Those that unfortunately part company with their mount while Hunting pay a fine each time they fall. It is not a reflection of the equestrian skills of the riders as ‘un-predicted dismounts’ can happen to anyone.

We rely on your honesty to tell us if we have missed you or anyone else from the list! The fine for each fall is  £5.00, payable to Vanessa.

Fallers for the 2017 – 2018 Season

First PlaceOlivia GBonfleur-Opening Meet14th OctoberThree falls at one meet! Maybe she should have gone on foot! £15.00
Mark GBlacketts13th SeptemberHarry the horses decided to wave and Mark lost his balance!£5.00
Aidan MWidehurst23rd SeptemberHorse reared and fell over!£5.00
Freddie JPWidehurst23rd SeptemberHorse reared and fell over!£5.00
Stacey CWidehurst23rd SeptemberTook the side exit after jumping onto the road!£5.00
Nicky BGConyer7th OctoberDidn't want to be left out and decided to join her husband in the club!£5.00
Hope RBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Becky WBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Maisie RBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00
Chris SBonfleur-Opening Meet14th October£5.00