Opening Meet 2017

Ashford Valley Tickham Huntsman Neil Staines blows the horn as hounds move off signifying the start of the new season.

The opening meet was well attended by a large field of mounted and foot-followers. The mounted field was divided into ‘jumping’ and non-jumping fields to cater for all abilities of riding ensuring a good day for all. Those on foot lined the hedgerows to watch hounds at work and the antics of the riders as they negotiated the various types of jumps. There were some new members for the ‘Fallers Club’! Hounds worked hard following the trails that had been laid throughout the day and singing their delight at finding them givingĀ  much pleasure to their audience.

Many attended the meet on foot.

Hunt Staff and hounds in between draws.

The Field making their way through some of our beautiful Kent countryside.

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page. Thank you to all those that contributed photographs of the day.

The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt would like to thank the Farmers and Landowner for allowing us to hunt on their land.