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Security When Hunting or at Shows



Just a reminder about a few things!

Please ensure that your vehicles are left safe and secure while you are hunting. Make sure that all valuables are hidden from view.

Before leaving for home, have a check-around to make sure that your vehicle hasn’t been tampered with and that your lights, indicators are all working correctly. Importantly, make sure your trailer is still correctly secured to the towing vehicle.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously during the day or needs questions answered, please inform one of the Masters, the Hon. Secretary or a committee member.

If a crime is being committed , dial 999 straight away. Don’t take the law into your own hands.

Always report a crime so that it is on record!

Make sure that you tell someone when you retire from your day’s hunting. We don’t want to be hunting for some that has gone home!

Be safe and enjoy the day.

Happy Hound, Why Do I Smile?

Hounds All Ready To Go

Hounds All Ready To Go

Happy Hound, why do I smile?
I smile for the chase
I smile for the song
I smile for the life that leads me through these woods
I smile I am a happy hound
I chase into the dusk
I chase into the dawn
My courage and heart never waivers
I am a happy hound
I get to do what my nose lets me follow
I get to do what generations before me  were bred to do
I get to call the woods home
I am the happiest hound because  I am loved for my song
Swiftness of my feet the courage of my heart
Best of all I just get to be a hound

Author Unknown.