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Hound Club

sjpalmer14@aol.com 01233 756 686

Dear All,

Hound Club

A few years ago, we introduced the ASHFORD VALLEY TICKHAM HUNT HOUND CLUB whereby supporters could sponsor a hound or hounds for the sum of £40 per year per hound and the money raised went to help cover the costs involved with our pack of hounds, 25 couples (50 hounds).

As with everything our costs continually rise each year and to just feed our hounds it costs a minimum of £600 per month plus vet bills for annual injections, worming etc. plus illness, accidents and there are other costs involved too on an annual basis.

The reason for this letter is to remind everyone about the Hound Club and how it works. We request that if you would like to sponsor a hound you set up a direct debit for either one annual payment of £40 or two annual payments for £20 or four annual payments of £10 and that is all you have to do – obviously if you wish to do more than one hound you are very welcome to !! Every year we have badges on sale and if you sponsor a hound we donate you your hound badge

If you feel you would like to sponsor one of our hounds please set up your direct debit, details of our bank are below, and ensure you put your name and HC as a reference and let me know either by email or letter that you have joined and I can then arrange to forward your badge to you when they are available.

I look forward to seeing you at our summer fund raising events during 2019.

Sue Palmer
sjpalmer14@aol.com 1 Goodwin House, Bedlam Lane, Egerton, Ashford, Kent. TN27 9DA

I/We________________________________________of_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________would like to sponsor a hound(s) at £40 pa and confirm we have set up a direct debit in the sum of £ to be paid in instalments into the Hunt’s bank account (Nat West 60 01 21 56742886 ASHFORD VALLEY TICKHAM HUNT.

SIGNED ___________________________________ email _______________________

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Hound Badges

The hunt has for sale several hound badges produced over a number of years. Each badge depicts a different hound and can be purchased for £6.00 each, plus post and packaging. Maybe you have several and need certain badges to complete your collection? For more details, please contact Sue Palmer: sjpalmer14@aol.com

Example of some of the badges available:


Summer Events

Although the hunting season is over until the Autumn, hounds will be attending various events throughout the summer month, dates of which will publicised whenever possible. Please go along and show you’re support. The Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt will also be holding FUND RAISING EVENTS throughout the summer months to help subsidise the ever-increasing cost needed to maintain the hunt. Please check your emails for updates regarding these events.